Royalty Free Licensing

All image published in keanpoh Photographer website is Royalty-Free Licensed and the photographer keeps full copyright over the image. 

If you like any of the images here, you may use it for free under our Royalty Free License for personal usage only. You can use it as a computer desktop background or decorative prints for your own household usage only.

For commercial usage, please contact us to find out the fee involved in purchasing the Royalty Free License for commercial usage. You can then use the purchased images on websites, magazines, book or booklet, book cover, flyers or any other advertising and promotional media, for commercial usage, in either electronic media or hardcopy printed.

keanpoh Photographer Royalty-Free Licensing means the purchaser only needs to pay one time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes with no time limit on when the image is being used but with a few restrictions as listed below:

1. The maximum number of copies of the purchased image being used for printed materials is one thousand (1000) copies. Beyond that, the Extended Royalty Free License will be required where an additional fee will apply for each extra copies to be reproduced. Contact us to find out more.

2. No one can have the exclusive rights of the Royalty Free image except the photographer. Purchasing the image does not grant the purchaser the copyright over the image. You may not claim that the image is owned by you and you may not distribute, sell or license for use the purchased image.

3. Purchased image used for the printing on greeting cards, postcards, T-Shirt, caps, mugs, mousepad or any items/merchandise intended to be sold are considered re-distribution, is not covered under the Royalty-Free License. An Extended Royalty Free License will apply. Contact us if your intended usage falls under this category to aquire the Extended Royalty Free License.

4. Images purchased may not be used as trademark (unless the Extended Royalty Free License is aquired), for pornography or unlawful purposes, to defame a person or violate a person's right to privacy or publicity.

The Royalty-Free License is a one person license granted to the purchaser or the purchaser's company only. If multiple users need to use the purchased image, an additional fee for licensing each of the extra user will apply. Contact us if the image you purchase will be used not only by the purchaser.

Click here to access our Contact Form or email to our mailbox at for further enquiries.

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