Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sakura in Kisarazu

Sakura in Kisarazu

Did I tell you that I was assigned to an installation project in Japan for more than 2 years? Now you see why I have so many pictures of Japan. I stayed long enough that the company actually moved me from the hotel to a house in a city called Kisarazu, or 木更津 in Japanese, about 20 minutes drive away from the site. Kisarazu is about 1 hour drive distance from Tokyo, and is the other end of Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. The Aqua-Line is a highway that connects Kawasaki and Kisarazu, across the Tokyo Bay ocean, with part of it under the sea in a tunnel and the other part above sea.

My house in Kisarazu was a perfect one, where there is a canal at the back of the house, with Sakura trees lining up along the canal. I was there in last year's Sakura season. It was awesome. In this article, I will share with you sceneries with Sakura that you won't find commonly on the internet, not like the ones you see in Tokyo or Kyoto.

Scenery of Sakura in Kisarazu
Sakura trees along the canal
Sakura in Kisarazu [HDR]

Did you find the difference here compared to the sceneries of sakura taken in Tokyo area? Yes, lesser people. In fact, a lot lesser. I like it this way more because firstly, it was a lot more quiet and most importantly, I just need to walk out of the house to enjoy this fantastic scenery. With gentle cold breeze blowing towards my face, it was so relaxing. I will never forget the calmness I felt that time.

Sakura in Kisarazu
A bird with Sakura flowers
Young Japanese couple enjoying the Sakura season together

Here, people enjoyed walking along the canal, picnicking with the family by the canal and even had a mini concert. To me, Sakura without the crowd was what I enjoyed most in spring season that year.

Walking along the canal with Sakura trees
Mini concert in one of the weekend
Picnicking with family
Enjoying the Sakura season from inside the car
Enjoying the Sakura Season from inside the car
Sakura in Kisarazu

Sakura blooming will normally last for about 2 - 3 weeks. At the end of the Sakura season, you will see what some called "Rain of sakura flowers", where you will find the petals floating in the air when wind blows. I even found some petals on the windshield of my car!! The following few pictures were taken during those period of times, where the canal was covered with petals of sakura flower.

Sakura petals covered the canal
Petals on the ground
Sakura in Kisarazu
Sakura season coming to an end

I hope you enjoyed my very last article about Sakura in Japan. These are all the pictures I have. If you're interested to see my previous articles about Sakura in Tokyo, you can access them here by clicking on the following links:

Did you went to Japan this year for Sakura viewing (Hanami)? If yes, how did it went? I would love to hear your experience in the comment section below. Did you capture some beautiful sakura pictures? Share with us, send them to my mailbox and I will publish them here.

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