Monday, May 16, 2011

Tulips in Albany

Tulips in Albany, New York

It's Spring in New York!!

Yes, I am now in Albany, New York, attending a 3 weeks company training. A lot have happened in the past few weeks. I was so occupied that I couldn't work on the blog at all. Two days of pre-wedding photography session, more than 24 hours of travelling from Malaysia to New York (on the same day of my marriage registration) and almost a week of jet-lagging. The good news is, I am now a married man. And I am dedicating all the tulips in this article to my dear wife, who hopefully will be reading this article from home. She loves tulips!!

Just for you, my dear wife

It was a last minute call (again). I only got the email requesting me to attend this training 7 days before the actual training start date. As a result, I traveled on the day we got our marriage registration certificate signed and could only make it to the second day of the class. The following few days in US were all about jet-lagging. Sleeping at 6 pm and waking up at 2am everyday. Well, I am doing a little bit better now, sleeping at around 9.30pm and waking up at 5am today.

Surprisingly to me, it's spring time now in New York. It's May. I have always thought it would be the beginning of Summer already. Travelling around Albany (the capital of New York State) has been pleasant, with ambient temperature ranging from around 7 degC to 23 degC and flowers blooming all around the area. Especially tulips, which are blooming in almost everywhere. Even the petrol stations have them planted!!

Tulips in Albany [HDR]
Tulips in Albany [HDR]
Blooming Tulips
Tulips in Albany
Blooming Tulips [HDR]

While I was surveying for places to visit in the weekend last Friday, I came across articles about Albany Tulips Festival, which was held last weekend, from 06 - 08 May 2011 in Washington Park. Well, I didn't wait for the next day. Immediately after class on Friday, grabbed my camera from the hotel and drove to Washington Park for these beautiful tulips (I knew it's gonna be a rainy weekend). Although it was cloudy that time, the tulips were simply gorgeous!! This is my second time enjoying the blooming of tulips, and again was complimented with cool and gentle breeze.

Tulips in Washington Park, Albany.
Tulips in Albany
My first encounter with Tulips in Purple [HDR]
Tulips everywhere
Purplish Tulips
Red Tulips
Tulips Beauty
Purplish Tulips - dad's favorite
A bee kissing the Tulip flower
Tulips in Albany
Tulips in Albany
Tulip with a different feel
A double blooming

Hopefully these Tulips blooming pictures will bring you some Spring season joy, especially to my readers from Malaysia and Singapore, who are experiencing hot and humid summer all year long.

If you're interested to read about my first encounter with tulips in Japan (lots of tulips pictures with blue sky) or would like to learn some tips of photographing tulips, you can access the article by clicking here.

Did you encounter tulips blooming in other part of the world this spring season? Do you have any tulips photographing tips to share? I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

Last but most importantly, I hope she likes the tulips dedicated to her. 

==Just Married==

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